Samstag, 23. Februar 2013

winter quiz: Last Quiz.

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Robert Messenger hat gesagt…

Olivetti Lettera 25

Bill M hat gesagt…

Olivetti Lettera 25 or 35. I forget which one. I think one was more round where the cover is open for the slugs to strike the ribbon. One is rounded and one is pointed. I do not have one to compare.

I say it is 25 because Robert says it is a 25.

shordzi hat gesagt…

Now that Robert says so... Olivetti Lettera 25.

Ton S. hat gesagt…

I have one so this is easy- Olivetti Lettera 25.
Your pic makes it look more green, but it is really cream colored. I know you hate it but I think it's retro cool.

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Correct - it is the Lettera 25.
Bill is right, the 35 is more rounded - more like the 22.
Ton, the greenish tone is probably due to my green backdrop.