Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Video: Collector Show on Typewriters.

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Jason hat gesagt…

Ummmm did he spray WD-40 in that thing? Isn't that a no-no? Or did I miss something?

Ted hat gesagt…

Good gravy, he's spraying WD-40 into the segment! D:

Bill M hat gesagt…

If I did not see it I would not believe the first thing he grabs is WD-40 and sprays it into the segment!

Nice video. I wonder why they ended it with an IBM rather than the Rocket.

Richard P hat gesagt…

Love it!

I've visited the Gramercy Typewriter Shop -- the Schweitzers are great people.

Scott K hat gesagt…

This should be called:
"The Incredible Shrinking Hermes". I mean.... that's a H3K that she walks into the shop with, but suddenly it is a Baby... Actually, this reminds me of something else:

"The Curious Case of Hermes Button"

Scott K hat gesagt…

On the WD40 thing... I have to say, I'm surprised as to how often I have heard it being advocated by people with actual training. I almost dropped a jaw on the floor when I was talking to John - the ex Olivetti/Olympia guy, and he mentioned WD40 to get things moving.

I think I need to look into this with a bit more seriousness. Time to fire up Filthy Labs again, and check this out scientifically.

Richard P hat gesagt…

You guys are more observant than I was! Yes, that's a Hermes 3000 case, and yes, that's a can of WD-40. Hmmm... Scott, please do your scientific research.

Bill M hat gesagt…

I revisited to see if anyone else thought the Hermes started out as a 3000 and ended up in the shop as a Baby.

Scott, I'd like to read your conclusions, but I really need none. I know WD-40 is neither a lubricant, penatrent, or cleaner. It is one of the most mis-used products ever.

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