Montag, 23. Januar 2012

text: (with translation) Schreibmaschinen - Ein Relikt aus dem 20. Jahrhundert?

This is the first longer text I wrote on and about typewriters, in last April. I've re-written it in August.
Now, to celebrate our 200st post today, we publish it.
You may find a corrected English translation after the break.

Typewriters - A relict from the 20th Century?
The year is 2011 A.D. All typewriters
are replaced by computers. All type-
writers? Not quite! A small community of
Typospherians is holding out,
strong as ever, against the invaders..
But who should still write on a
Typewriter? They are hopelessly antiquated.
They rattle when writing and don't
provide any possibility of correction. There is no
font or font size selection. A type-
written document can't be reproduced easily.
Not to talk about the weight of the monsters.
A portable typewriter easily brings
more weight on the scale than two laptops.
Nevertheless, typewriters still have their place,
despite the collected dust!
First, they are charming, a typewritten
document has more warmth than a text
that was pecked into a computer keyboard.
Secondly they ring shortly before the end of the line with a
beautiful bright bell and a provide a
moment to reflect, to think ahead
what should be on the next line.
Thirdly they challenge the brain, which may turn
into standby mode on a computer; When an incorrect
character is typed, you must find a suitable
replacement word. There is no RETURN key.
And fourth, typewriters don't need a
power outlet, no electricity to operate,
as long there's ink in the ribbon they write without difficlty.
Albeit with typos, which can not be hidden.
So include typewriters in the 21st century
not in the scrap heap.
Continental 340

7 Kommentare:

Richard P hat gesagt…

Very good!

But we are in AD, not BC.

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

Couldn't agree more with this. What's more, in what could be seen as an act of insanity, I'm shelving my laser printer in order to free its space on my desktop for my typewriter.

MEK hat gesagt…

Very nice typing and sentiments! It took me years to part with the portable Royal that saw me through high school and college, partly because I knew it would always work, no matter what. My husband finally convinced me to let it go. That was years ago; it's funny that he collects typewriters now.

Congratulations on your 200th post!

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

@Richard: That's right, thanks for the correction.
@Miguel: Thanks. With all the (networking) trouble my printer provides I would sometimes not only want to shelve it, but to throw it away...
@MEK: Thank you. Funny story, indeed.

Bill M hat gesagt…

Very good. Imagine a PC or printer lasting a century and being useable.

Fernando Antunes hat gesagt…

In the past things were built to last. A typewriter will not be outdated for more years that pass. Even after a century, they continue to do their work... While a computer with ten years of age, will hardly work... And during that period of time, certainly needed several upgrades and new operating systems. The only update that a typewriter needs is a new ribbon ...

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

@Fernando: That is totally correct. In German, we know the expression "Wegwerfgesellschaft", "throw-away-society".
@Bill: Imagine still getting ink for the printer. :)

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